Youth Running Club

West Brookfield Elementary School Youth Running Club

What do we do?  WE RUN THIS TOWN!

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The West Brookfield Elementary School Youth Running Club is open to all students in grades 3-6. Our program begins with a 12 week curriculum designed to teach sound fundamentals of running. Early lessons focus on types of running, running safety, trail etiquette, stretching, healthy eating habits, biomechanics, etc.

The goal at the end of the first 12 weeks is for students to feel adequately prepared to participate in the annual West Brookfield Classic, a 5K road race put on by the school’s Parent Teacher Group.

In 2015 we were excited to report that 62 students enrolled in the club. In 2016, that number grew to 75 students. Students maintain weekly activity logs, documenting their workouts, sports, and runs during the week. Every Saturday morning, we meet as a group, warm up and run for 30-40 minutes and then participate in a short lesson. As our brains grow with more and more knowledge about running, our muscles grow with more and more miles of experience.

We wish to prepare our young students for a life long enjoyment of running, of the outdoors, and of healthy living.

The West Brookfield Classic is our primary fundraiser for this group, and a major fundraiser for the school’s PTG iniatives. We hope you join us on race day and see how far our runners have come. Their enthusiasm and dedication is infectious.

Check back here for photos and updates of our group’s running exploits.

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Coach addresses the students after the group run

Coach addresses the students after the group run